Data Communication Cabling Design

Our Structured Cabling solutions create the most versatile solutions enabling the convergence of all electronic systems onto one common cabling infrastructure. Today’s building controls and client business systems often require complex communication links between numerous electronic devices throughout a building. Providing a centralized cabling infrastructure, capable of handling various systems on one network, virtual networks, or simply sharing a backbone cabling system is essential in creating a true “Smart Building” capable of handling “New Media” operations. These systems working together allow all components to effectively and seamlessly cross communicate and share one common database for:

Data network;

Voice over I/P (telephone on data network);

Video streaming;

WIFI and Cell phone DAS Access Points;

Security camera systems;

Security door room access verification control system;

Public Address speaker and announcement reader boards;

WIFI controled lighting and Central controlled clock system;

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification);

P.O.E (Power Over Eithernet) devices;

Room  environmental controls based on room schedules;

Future system upgrades and additions.

 We will ensure the building network infrastructure ( LAN wiring, Computer power, Grounding, Cable raceways, Cooling system and Security) is upgraded to meet all high speed system requirements for today and into the future.

Runway Electrical Systems Design

Airfield electrical systems for Runways , Taxiways, Aprons and aircraft operations areas including De-icing, Cargo loading and maintenance electrical systems. Various systems include:

       · 3-5KV constant current runway, taxiway and apron lighting;

       · VASIS and PAPI lighting;

       · Runway and identification lighting;        

       · High and Low intensity approach lighting;

       · ALSAF-2, SSALR, and ODALS approach systems;

       · Lighting control systems from ATC Tower including C704 Panels and ALCMS with PLC;        

       · Apron flood lighting and aircraft ground power systems;

       · UPS equipment and distribution for critical airport navigational electronics;

       · Telecom Canada Navaid building and site work for ILS, MLS, NDB, VOR, VHF\DF, FSS, and          NAVCAN Control Towers;

       · Diesel generator and automatic transfer panel system;

       · Ventilation and fire alarm system;

       · All site power and control distribution associated with a FEC.

       · We have designed many of the above systems for various projects including floor plans, specifications, cost estimates, project management, and conducted final inspections of all associated electrical systems at the following Airports: Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton Thunder Bay, Kenora, Red Lake, Dryden, Fort Frances, Brandon, Churchill, Thompson, The Pas, Lynn Lake, Dauphin, Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake, Resolute Bay, Vancouver, St John's, Ft McMurray, Nairobi Kenya, Alert, Comox, Grand Prairie, Red Deer, St. Vincent